Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Xbox One Crash Finally Acknowledged by Activision, Investigation On-Going

black ops 4 blackout xbox one crash

If you’re an Xbox One owner, and you’re a fan of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, your holidays might not have been as festive given that there’s a Black Ops 4 Blackout Xbox One crash that’s yet to be fixed.

Checking the Black Ops 4 subreddit, multiple threads per day are popping up about this big issue that prevents Xbox One players from playing Blackout. While Treyarch has remained silent on the matter so far, publisher Activision has at least acknowledged the issue! Over on Twitter, the official Activision Support account has been bombarded by gamers asking what’s up, and we finally got an official (at least from an official account) statement that the issue is know!

The official Activision Support Twitter has also asked for the Gamer Tag, Region, and other details from those tweeting displeasure at the situation.

Looting in Blackout, which has been an issue since over a month ago, has also been addressed, though with nothing more than an acknowledgement as well.

While there’s no official fix yet, we did post a temporary fix that did work for some. Go read about that here.

In other Black Ops 4 news, don’t forget that a double XP weekend is set to hit the game this weekend! Once it’s live, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

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