Call of Duty 2020 Is Already Being Play Tested

call of duty 2020

While we’re expecting Call of Duty 2020 to make it out sometime in late October or early November, it seems development of the game is already farther along than expected.

In Activision’s earnings call last night, Coddy Johnson, Activision Chief Operating Officer and President, mentioned that this year’s Call of Duty is already being play tested, and what’s more is generating “excitement” from those who have had chances to experience it.

In Q4 of this year, a new premium Call of Duty release, which is already generating excitement in our play tests. – Coddy Johnson, Activision Chief Operating Officer and President

Of course, this could mean a lot of things. The Call of Duty 2020 play tests could mean for the campaign (if it does have one), or for the multiplayer component.

There’s nothing concrete known about this year’s Call of Duty just yet, but rumors have pointed out that it’ll be helmed by Treyarch, and that it’ll be Black Ops 5. This rumor has seemingly been confirmed by Treyarch boss David Vonderhaar, who also confirmed that it won’t feature jetpacks. If this year’s Call of Duty is indeed being handled by Treyarch, we should be in forĀ  treat, as the studio’s last few Call of Duty titles are so good that it ranked high in our Call of Duty multiplayer ranking list for the decade.

Are you surprised that this year’s Call of Duty is already being playtested this early on or not at all? Hopefully, this means we’ll get a few nuggest of info surface very soon.

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