Next Call of Duty Game Developed by Treyarch Won’t Feature Jetpacks, Vonderhaar Reflects on Backlash

next call of duty game

With jetpacks and wall-running quickly wearing out its welcome among the Call of Duty fanbase, some might be wondering whether the next Call of Duty game will feature jetpacks. Well, if rumors are true, and it’s Treyarch’s turn this year once again, that won’t be an issue anymore.

Over on Twitter, Treyarch Game Design Director David Vonderhaar simply answered “No” when a fan said that there should be jetpacks in the next COD:

Going on another tweet, another gamer said that “jetpacks will revive COD!” to which Vonderhaar kinda reflected on the community’s reaction to Black Ops 3’s — and in some cases, Black Ops 4 — not being a traditional boots on ground Call of Duty multiplayer experience.

With Modern Warfare’s success proving that gamers really do want a boots on the ground Call of Duty experience, I expect Treyarch’s next game to be grounded in reality a lot more than Black Ops 4. Also of note, it seems Vonderhaar has inadvertently confirmed that COD 2020 will indeed be made by Treyarch given the first tweet above stating “next COD.”

What do you expect from this year’s Call of Duty game? And are you OK if Treyarch is once again at the helm with just a year’s break?

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