Call of Duty 9 and Elite 2.0 Set For 2012 Release, “Meaningful Innovation to the Franchise” Promised

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During Activision’s Q4 earnings call, the publisher confirms that the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise is indeed coming this year.

In the last few months, all signs pointed to another Call of Duty in 2012, from domain registration for Black Ops 2 to Treyarch developers hints at features such as Zombies. This isn’t shocking news as several studios alternate to develop Call of Duty titles on yearly basis. Eric Hirshberg announced today that “this year, we expect to further expand our presence with the launch of an all-new epic first person shooter title under the Call of Duty brand.” He added, “from what we’ve seen the game already looks fantastic and will bring meaningful innovation to the franchise. I could not be more excited.”

Regarding the Elite platform, Eric  promised Modern Warfare 3 players to expect “additional features in the next 60 days.” He stated, “We plan to keep our foot on the gas with Call of Duty Elite. Although we are pleased with where we are today, the objective of Elite is to make the total Call of Duty experience more fun and more engaging and we plan to launch additional features in the next 60 days.” Of course , Elite isn’t going anywhere,  and we can expect it to become a part of every Call of Duty including this year’s. Hirshberg noted, “we’re already hard at work on Elite 2.0 with several innovative features being developed to work hand in hand with our next Call of Duty release.”

Personally, I’d like to see more emphasis on map design in multiplayer and dedicated servers added. Granted my two demands aren’t ‘meaningful innovations’, but this is my short wish list for this year’s CoD. What innovations would you like to see in the next Call of Duty?

Thanks, EuroGamer

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