Call of Duty 9 to be Called Black Ops 2?

call of duty black ops-2

Last month, Activision got a hold of the domain name,, fueling sepculation that this year’s Call of Duty will be a direct sequel to Treyarch’s Black Ops. Since then, Activision did announce that there will be a new Call of Duty in 2012, promising that it will be bring “meaningful innovation” to the franchise.

Yesterday, french gaming site, gameblog, spotted a product listing on Amazon France titled ‘Black Ops 2’. Subsequently, the retailer pulled the product page; however, Gameblog was able to check the Google cache of the page to confirm the name of the next Call of Duty. This story was picked up by several french sites that were contacted by Activision France to take down their articles. While some sites complied, Gameblog stood its ground, which led Activision to blacklist the website, disinviting them from an upcoming Transformers event and cancelling  scheduled Activision ad campaigns on the site.

In terms of sales, Modern Warfare 3 had a stronger launch that Black Ops, but MW3 failed to match Treyarch’s title January NDP numbers (North America only). Activision Publishing CEO responded to the numbers, stating that Modern Warfare 3’s sales were front-loaded.

Do you want this year’s Call of Duty to be a direct sequel to Black Ops? Or, to be set in a completely different era?

Thanks, GameSpot

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