Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Co-Op Campaign – Tactical Abilities Tutorial

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3‘s latest gameplay video walks viewers through an assortment of tactical abilities and equipment the player will have at his or her disposal in the game’s co-operative campaign.

DNI Tactical Mode (T-Mode) pinpoints and analyzes enemies on the battlefield, providing the player with intel like enemy type, sniper locations, grenade warnings, and more. Alternatively, Enhanced Vision mode will aid the player in conditions where normal vision might fail, like in very dark areas or perhaps through smoke. By the looks of the video, players will also be able to select up to two different Tactical Rigs that supply them with additional special abilities like traversal enhancement, self-revive, or extra defense against explosives.

Give the video above a play to see these tactics in action.

Our take: With all these special Tactical and Cybercore abilities, we wonder if the dangers in Black Ops 3’s campaign won’t provide enough of a challenge to the player, especially if you have others helping out. Then again, there’s always the option of playing Realistic Mode, where even a minor flesh wound equals certain death. What’s your take on what you’ve seen of the campaign so far?

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