Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta Update Rolled Out Includes New Map, Increased Level Cap & More

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If you’re part of the large group of people taking part in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 beta, then you might have noticed that a Black Ops 4 beta update rolled out earlier today. While a bunch of fixes are part of the roll out, there’s also a new map as well as 2XP and more!

The full list of changes to today’s Black Ops 4 beta update can be seen below.

Saturday Updates:

Here’s what you’ll see added to the game today:

  • Added Hacienda to all playlists.
  • Increased level cap to 40.
  • Activated 2XP and 2Weapon XP*.

\ You’re welcome.*

General Fixes:

  • General Stability and performance improvements.
  • Removed 30fps cap on Best Play cams for increased frame rate on playback.


  • Jump – As we mentioned in our Day 3 Beta Update, we made some modifications to jump mechanics to reduce bunny hopping. After reviewing those changes yesterday and taking into consideration the feedback from the community, we’ve relaxed some of that tuning by increasing the default jump height back to where it was last weekend. We are still scaling down jump height with each subsequent jump to prevent repeated jumping during combat, but that initial jump is now 5 units higher again. This should help with some of those more difficult mantles.
  • Slide – Alongside our updates to jump, we also made some slight reductions to slide speeds and distances for Weekend 2. Now that we’ve had a chance to play with those changes internally and out in the wild with you all, along with evaluating feedback, we’re slightly increasing the default slide speed and distance. Our goal is to strike a nice balance between Weekend 1 and the current tuning. We intend slide to be used as a way to get to cover and perhaps surprise an enemy around a corner. This is a delicate balancing act between achieving those intentions while ensuring slide is not used as a primary means of traversal and cannot be spammed repeatedly during combat. If you really want to get your slide game on, check out the Dexterity Perk which will increase your speed and distance while sliding!


  • GKS
    • Extended the damage range to compete better at mid-range.
  • ABR 223
    • Increased 2nd shot recoil to make it harder to hit the 3rd shot in the burst at longer distances.


  • Recon
    • Reduced sensor dart duration.
  • Torque
    • Reduced razor wire cooldown.


  • Mantis
    • Health buffed .

Game Modes:

  • Heist
    • Removed irrelevant items from the Hellion Salvo’s upgrade path.

Xbox 1 Crash:

  • During Day 1, we became aware that some people encountered difficulties booting the game on Xbox 1. After investigating this, we believe that we’ve identified the root cause as one that is related to Friends/Presence features. This morning, we’ll deploy a fix to address this issue. Part of that fix will involve removing the Friends presence in-game, which means that the Friends List on the social menu will not populate. NOTE: The Xbox Live platform Friends systems can still be used for joining, invites, etc. In the event that you are still encountering issues, please flag it with #BO4Beta and @ATVIassist on Twitter.

For the full list of changes from week 1 to this week, head on over here. MP1st will be putting up its own opinion of the beta once it’s over, so keep an eye out for it.

Source: Reddit