Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Map 2500x Size of Nuketown, Match Length & More Revealed

black ops 4 blackout pc stuttering fix

Just a few minutes ago, Treyarch hosted a Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout livestream where the developers talked about some of the important details for the game’s battle royale mode.

Unfortunately, there was no gameplay footage shown, which was a letdown since we got an official Blackout trailer yesterday. If you’re wondering what new info has been revealed during the livestream, wonder no more! Reddit user Khaos2Krysis was kind enough to list down a Black Ops 4 Blackout livestream recap and in handy bulletpoint form, too!

  • Map is officially 2500 times the size of Nuketown
  • Raven helping w/ Blackout
  • Blackout Field Guide on
  • Pregame “Deployment area” where you can Practice weapons, Choose drop point, Goof around, Chopper race, etc.
  • Vehicles all have different health & mobility, but unlimited fuel
  • Boat and truck can move around in
  • ATV & chopper have fixed seat positions
  • Full ballistic simulation ammo type/lower caliber will drop faster
  • Snipers are less about bullet drop and more about travel time
  • Full tracers on bullet travel
  • Ammo plays a big part
  • Full match is around 25 minutes going to test timing during beta to gauge community feedback
  • “Fill Team” is enabled by default in Duos & Quads
  • Might test 3-man and 5-man teams in the future
  • Backpack expands storage from 5 slots to 10 – Armor is separate dedicated slot
  • Unnamed map from BO3 on the map next to Firing Range
  • Zombies only spawn in Zombie map spots
  • Zombies might be on Nuketown Island as well
  • One Classic WaW weapon in Blackout (mp-40)
  • Stats won’t carry from Beta to full game
  • 5 characters to unlock by progressing
  • All other characters are “Mission Unlocks” – Find character-related item and do character-related quest with it and survive long enough
  • Supply Stashes – hidden, powerful items/weapons
  • Able to scale and adjust drop rates of weapons based on player feedback
  • Trophy Systems are super powerful
  • “Launch is halftime”

In other Black Ops 4 news, don’t forget to check out this leaked footage of the game’s zombie mode. If you’re after more Black Ops 4 Blackout info, check out the map overview right here, or read up on emotes and bullet drop here.

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