Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battle Royale Emotes Not in Yet, Bullet Drop Enabled & More Info

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While there’s a lot of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout info already out thanks to Game Informer’s cover story on the mode, we’re not done yet — not by a long shot.

Over on Reddit, user AtalyxianBoi, summarized the info from the October issue! We now know that Black Ops 4 battle royale emotes aren’t implemented yet, players will be able to carry two primary weapons, the map takes about five minutes to sprint from the farthest point to the opposite side and more!

  • Blackout beta is running on 80 players, however internal testing has gone above 100.
  • It has Solo, Duos and 4 person Squads. Friendly fire is on with team modes.
  • 20 confirmed “heroes” are available to select with more to be released. They are characters from campaigns, zombie modes as well as new ones made for BLOPS4. All heroes are cosmetic only, all players start with nothing. More heroes are unlocked via playing and is the backbone of the Blackout progression.
  • Everyone starts in helicopters in a random flight path from which you can drop into the map.
  • Nuke town is set on an island.
  • You launch from the helicopter and use a wing suit to move around while dropping, player speeds are very fast, an automatic parachute opens before hitting the ground. You can deploy your wingsuit at any time from height.
  • To unlock new heroes you must do specific missions while in a match. One example is for Battery, you must find her grenadelauncher, get kills with it and finish in the top 15 players. Iconic characters include Reznov, Mason and Woods and need multiple missions to unlock. There is no customization on characters in Blackout.
  • At Nuketown Island there is a board that shows the players on the island, it is a high loot level area. All named areas contain the best loot.
  • Dynamic elements such as opening garage doors are included in houses, warehouses, factories etc.
  • Abilities from multiplayer are also drops on the map you must collect to use (one example is the throwing hatchet ability). If no weapons are held you use melee.
  • Emotes are not in the game but are being worked on.
  • The map size takes about 5 minutes to sprint from the furthest point to the opposite side.
  • Vehicles include: ATV (1 pilot, 1 passenger) Focused on speed, has a horn, only passenger can shoot. Cargo Truck (1 pilot, 4 passengers) Able to hold loot inside it as well as passengers, players can prone or crouch in the back. Little Bird Helicopter (1 pilot, 2 passengers) Has guns equipped but has low health. Zodiac (1 pilot, 3 passengers) Boat used for water travel, mainly used for the large river that runs through the entire middle of the map.
  • Vehicles are not rare to find, helicopters spawn at designated helipads at locations such as Estate. There is also a basketball court you can shoot hoops at, however the basketball uses a primary weapon slot. The map has many of these “fun” locations.
  • Weapons are plentiful however the focus is mainly on upgrading gear with attachments and better armor and abilities.
  • 2 weapon slots to carry whatever you want. There are 8 ammo types. Anything you pick up is auto equipped, including attachments, however you can change in the menu as well.
  • Weapon chests are in the map containing rare Golden Guns which have specialized attachments on them. Locations are set, not random, but may not spawn every game.
  • The game space closes via a circle, it destroys items outside of the zone, it will cause malfunctions in vehicles if you are outside the zone potentially crashing and killing anyone in a helicopter. The circle will always entirely close leaving no end space if the final players dont kill each other. Players outside the later circles will have hallucinations both visual and audio based.
  • Blackout has it’s own set of perks and abilities that are not in any other modes. List of confirmed ones include: Paranoia(Audio signal when targetted by another player) Skulker(Move faster when prone/crouched) Stimulant(Increase max HP by 100) Outlander(Decreased damage from circle, increased speed when taking circle damage) Looter(reveal nearby items and caches) Iron Lungs(more time when ADS on sniper or diving underwater) Consumer(decrease time to use items, heal or revive team by 20%)
  • Perks are consumable, not permanent, provided timed buffs. Consumable items include the grapple, cluster nades and sensor shot.
  • One consumable is a controllable recon robot that you can use to scout areas.
  • Mode runs at 60fps on PS4 Pro.
  • You can shoot sensor darts on vehicles for mobile surveillance.
  • Confirmed named areas include: Nuketown Island, lots of gear in underground bunkers. Signboard tells however players are in the area.

Estates, locale with a helipad and basketball court.

Construction Site, unfinished skyscraper with lots of loot and base jumping heights.

Array, satellite dish with few places of elevation.

Firing Range, small hotspot centered around lots of action.

Hydro Dam, large dam blocking the end of the maps central river. Able to base jump from this height.

Asylum, contains AI zombies and zombie caches.

Cargo Docks, elevated area, a giant ship and crane arm to play on. One Zodiac boat spawn.

Factory, indoor outdoor fights with a rooftop.

Fracking Tower, tower inside a pit, lots of exposure to people on the surrounding hills.

River town, lots of buildings, surrounded entirely by water.

  • Zombie spawns are marked by a ray of light hitting the map in the area. 2 spawn locations are active at once. Locations are not shown in the map.
  • Zombie hordes are less than in zombie modes, use up ammo and reveal your position if you fire on them, however they drop loot and a zombie supply stash spawns with each active horde. Caches contain rare items like Raygun, monkey bombs and the Zweihander.
  • Health starts at 150, bandages can be found to heal, trauma kits and rare medkits exist also. Health items are not hard to find and there is no cap like in other games for the amount you can heal (basic bandages can heal to full, rather than 75 ala PUBG)
  • Water has currents which push against you while swimming, making boats useful for navigating the river and water areas.
  • Backpacks can be found, only one size exists currently, for more inventory space.
  • Bullet drop exists in Blackout, weapon damage has also tweaked from normal MP, increasing the TTK.
  • Blackout has 3 tiers of HP items and Armor. 8 primary ammo types. 12 equipment items. 17 consumable perks. 24 weapons. 125 items. Numbers due to change at release.
  • Items like the grapple gun require pieces to ‘craft’ the item.
  • More characters, weapons, items and vehicles to be released as time goes on.

Other Black Ops 4 Blackout news that was released this week include the complete vehicle list, our first look at the Blackout map in its entirety, and confirmation that cross-platform play won’t be enabled.

Don’t forget the Black Ops 4 Blackout beta is kicking off next week, and you can check the exact time and date right here.