Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Jump Shooting Around Corners Gives You “Peeker’s Advantage” and Here’s How

black ops 4 jump shooting

If you’ve been playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 multiplayer since launch and noticed that some people seem to have the jump on you (figuratively) every time you go face-to-face, well, sad to say, that might just be the case. While “jump shooting” is nothing new in first-person shooters, it’s being taken to a whole new level in Black Ops 4.

In the video below by Reddit user Soulstone_X,  a little offline testing is done on how Black Ops 4 jump shooting work, and why it seems to be so popular in multiplayer. As it turns out, there’s this weird little “peeker’s advantage” or something going on that makes the target get shot before the gunner appears on the screen.

This is why people jump shot you around corners. Did a little testing – offline with no lag. from r/Blackops4

As Soulstone_X puts it, “Slight delay when player jumps around a corner. Feels like you’re being shot at before they appear on your screen.” What’s more, we also get to see how this affects players that are prone too. In the video, we see the player standing up from a prone position, and only when is he cleared of the sandbags can he see the target; but in the perspective, we can see the player already up with his head primed to be shot at.

Obviously, this works both ways. So if you want to be the killer instead of the victim, you’d best adapt to the game’s gunplay and whatnot. Will Treyarch patch this out or fix this? We can’t say for sure, but at the very least, you now know why people are jump shooting in Black Ops 4 around corners and you might want to do it too.

Have you experienced this or something similar or worse? If so, share your experience in the comments below.

In other Black Ops 4 news, Activision has announced that Black Ops 4 managed to break over $500 million dollars in its first weekend of availability!

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