Call of Duty Championship 2015 Day Three Preview And Current Placings

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As day two of the Call of Duty Championship 2015 concludes, only three of the sixteen teams that survived day one’s playoffs remain, awaiting to decide the ultimate winner of Call of Duty’s biggest tournament of the year in day three.

On Sunday, the Upper Bracket finalists, Denial eSports and Revenge Gaming, will face off at 11:00AM Pacific to secure a spot in the Final Championship Match. Loser of the Upper Bracket Final will face FaZe Red in the Lower Bracket Final at 12:15PM Pacific, tentatively.

Following the Lower Bracket final, Activision and Sledgehammer Games will air Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC’s debut Exo Zombies trailer along with live gameplay of the four new maps and new Exo Grapple game mode at 1:00PM Pacific, tentatively.

From there, it’s a battle between the Upper Bracket winner and the Lower Bracket winner at 2:30PM Pacific, tentatively, for the title of Call of Duty 2015 World Champion and $400,000 in prize money.

Below are the current placings of the Call of Duty Championship 2015 heading into day three, but before we get into that, here’s a reminder of what the teams top eight teams are fighting for.

$1 Million Prize Pool

CBO89v6UQAA-dejCOD Championship 2015 Day Three Finalists

                                     | Denial eSports

                                     | Revenge Gaming

                                     | FaZe Red

COD Championship 2015 Current Placings

            4th Place | Prophecy

            5th Place | Automatic Reload

            6th Place | Plantronics Mindfreak

            7th Place | OpTic Gaming

            8th Place | Team Kaliber

   9th-12th Place | Team Orbit

   9th-12th Place | Aware Gaming

   9th-12th Place | Team EnVy

   9th-12th Place | Strictly Business

 13th-16th Place | Below Zero

 13th-16th Place | OpTic Nation

 13th-16th Place | Gamers2

 13th-16th Place | FaZe Black

17th-32nd Place | Clar1ty Gaming

17th-32nd Place | HyperGames

17th-32nd Place | SSOF Gaming

17th-32nd Place | Exile5.T1

17th-32nd Place | Team Infused

17th-32nd Place | 3sUp Ent.

17th-32nd Place | Integral Nation

17th-32nd Place | Epsilon eSports

17th-32nd Place | Ascentia Gaming

17th-32nd Place | TCM Gaming

17th-32nd Place | Team Menace

17th-32nd Place | UnderRatix Gaming

17th-32nd Place | FABE.Allstars

17th-32nd Place | FABE.DE

17th-32nd Place | Vitality X

17th-32nd Place | NXG Rapid

Happy COD Champs day three! Who do you think is going to take home first place? Let us know in the comments!

Remember, you can watch all the action live, including the upcoming live Ascendance DLC gameplay, right here on our live stream page.