Call of Duty Community Requesting Black Ops 4 Server Roadmap From Treyarch

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In case you didn’t know, Treyarch encountered quite a bit of a snag with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and its player base, as it has been revealed that the servers gamers are playing on right now have been downgraded compared to the servers available during the beta. While Treyarch addressed the issue and said that it will be improved, it’s not enough for some people.

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Over on Reddit, the Black Ops 4 community are now asking for Treyarch to be transparent and to lay down a Black Ops 4 server roadmap given that the studio has withheld some info regarding the network configuration update it has done.

[Request] Networking Enhancements – Detailed Information And Roadmap from r/Blackops4

In case you can’t see the Reddit post, here are some of the things Treyarch is requested to share:

  • what was the nature of the change? (i.e. tick-/simulation rate increased from 20Hz to 30Hz)
  • what is the change trying to achieve?
  • which platforms are affected by that change?
  • which regions are affected by that change?

While Treyarch has not responded to the call out, let’s hope the studio gives in even for a tiny bit since some users have reported worse experiences after this network “upgrade.”

Have you noticed any changes in Black Ops 4’s servers? Do you think Treyarch will cave in and share a roadmap and actual changes to the community?

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