Call of Duty: Elite April Build Patch Notes

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The guys over at Beachhead Studios have recently updated Call of Duty Elite adding support for the newly released maps, Sanctuary and Foundation, in addition to a slew of fixes.

The newest Elite web build was released on April 10th, here are the full list of changes as shown on Elite:

New Features:

  • Drop Zone – Issue 4
  • DLC Support for MP maps Foundation and Sanctuary
  • Updated Leaderboard Tracker design


  • Improved Private Match support for non-team-based game modes in Recent Matches
  • Fixed a formatting issue when displaying Hardcore matches in Recent Matches
  • Corrected an issue where some heatmap kills appeared outside of the map boundaries on DLC maps
  • Fixed an issue where some Tied matches would show garbled text on the Recent Matches window
  • Hardcore FFA matches will now fully populate the scoreboard in Recent Matches


  • Removed “Level” column from Clan Roster


  • Numerous fixes to support the change to Bronze badge percentages in Clan Operations
  • Clan Operations now properly appear in the List View section of the Program Guide


  • Fixed an issue linking/unlinking YouTube accounts
  • Updated redirect to new Support page
  • Improved IE8/IE9 support