Call of Duty Elite iOS Update 2.3.0 Now Available

Version 2.3.0 is now available for the Call of Duty Elite Mobile App on iOS devices.

It adds new features like expanded navigation and revamps the Clan HQ section, along with a few imrovements here and there.

Of course, if you already own the app, a notification for the update will automatically appear on your device. Check out some of the new improvements:

Expanded Navigation










The app now features a new drawer style navigation option. You can simply tap the upper left corner to bring down the menu and choose your destination.

Revamped Clan HQ










The Clan HQ panel now displays your clan’s most important stats and gives a clearer presentation of your clan’s overall performance

Bug Fixes

Bugs found in Tracked Challenges and the Follow/Unfollow feature have been fixed.

Download the Free App

You can download the Call of Duty Elite app for your iOS device for free right here if you haven’t yet.

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