Call of Duty: Elite May Build Notes

The makers of Call of Duty Elite, Beachhead studios, have published the change list for the latest Elite build released on May 1st.

Elite has reached 10 million registered users, 2 million of which are premium members, according to the latest figures.


  • An updated header for the Career page which now shows clan affiliation and previous title Prestige levels
  • Numerous updates to the Leaderboard Tracker including fixes for viewing another users’ playercards and a KDR display issue.


  • Optimization of Clan Ops leaderboard to provide greater accuracy.


  • Optimized the invite system for Clans. This corrected an issue where users would sometimes receive a bad invite that couldn’t be accepted. If you are still unable to accept a clan invite, please ask the Clan Leader to send you a new one.
  • Minor update to change which emblems are displayed next to comments/feed items which addresses the issue where some sections of the site displayed the Black Ops rank emblem.
  • Minor optimizations to the News Ticker which now loads faster and is more responsive.
  • Updated localization for several site elements.
  • Slight cleanup of emblem usage throughout the site.

You can read about Elite’s April build note here. In terms of future builds, Clan Challenges are possibly going to be added as recent leak suggests.

Fahed Jaradat

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