Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer To Be More Interactive and Asymmetrical

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Infinity Ward wants Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ multiplayer to feel more interactive and asymmetrical, giving players a chance to have an effect on the environment.

“Every map in multiplayer – we’re looking at trying to come up with some sort of way of making it a little more interactive, a little bit more asymmetrical, Zach Volker, animation lead at Infinity Ward, told OfficialPSM. “

“One neat example that we’ve been throwing around is a satellite crashes in the center of the map and it’s a race to whoever can get there first and activate it – maybe gives some temporary UAV features. Little things like that. Then, we also have some larger-scale things where there’s going to be a map-wide earthquake and that’s going to affect the map in a certain way. Little things that could possibly change out the map layout in significant ways would be an option. So, we’re looking at ways that we can say, ‘how can we push the design of the map and give the player a little more freedom and make them feel like they’re having an effect on the environment?'”

During the game’s official unveiling, studio head Mark Rubin spoke of similar features and even mentioned a deeper level of character customization in Ghosts’ MP. You can hear what he had to say right here.

Elaborating on these customization options, Volker said that the team will “give you the flexibility and freedom to outfit your character in a way that kind of reflects your personality.” He added, “a lot of the assets are being brought over from the single player so – some of those cool guys that you saw in the single player, you can grab some of their gear. We’re looking at heads, helmets, upper body, lower body, and different texture maps that can go with that to customize.”

So, expect to wreak havok on the battlefield and look good doing it when Call of Duty: Ghosts launches November 5 on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC.

While we still have plenty more to look forward to when it comes to Ghosts MP, do any of the features mentioned so far have you excited?

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