Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 New Title Update Across All Platforms

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Modern Warfare 3 has been updated to “significantly reduce” latency spikes and further improve network performance across all platforms.

The PS3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms have received their respective updates, Title Update 23 for the consoles and Patch 1.18 for the PC, today, only a month before Black Ops II hits the shelves.

The update is to further improve latency issues and to add more telemetry for the backend servers Infinity Ward use to add hot fixes and to moderate anaylsis from the game.

Multiplayer network code (in layman’s terms ‘latency/lag compensation’) improvements have been rolling out today and are expected to roll out across further playlists later today and this week.

A list of the update, which Community Coordinator Candice Capen posted on the Call of Duty forums, can be viewed below:

  • Significantly reduced lag spikes caused when someone joined a match in progress.
  • Added more matchmaking/performance telemetry to allow us to optimize our backend servers
  • New networking code improvements to be initially rolled out in the Domination playlist October 10th, mid-morning with more playlists to come
  • [PC only] Support for Collection 4

Content Collection 4: Final Assault, which contains five action-packed multiplayer maps, can now also be downloaded for the PS3 and PC versions. This marks the end of the content calendar for Modern Warfare 3, with all annual content available for all platforms.

In case you missed it, PS3 ELITE subscribers got their October Drops yesterday. You can read about it here.

Have you noticed any changes and/or improvements? Share your experiences and comments below.