Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Elite October Drops Now Available

The final Modern Warfare 3 DLC drops have been released for PS3 ELITE subscribers. PC/PS3 non-subscribers will be able to download them and Content Collection 4 tomorrow, October 10.

The maps are now available to download on the Playstation Store. Boardwalk, Parish and Gulch come in at 101MB, 99MB and 185MB respectively.

The three brand new multiplayer maps – drops 22, 23 and 24 – bring the season of content to a close for PS3 premium members. Non-ELITE PS3 and PC gamers will receive the all-out multiplayer map exclusive Collection 4 – Final Assault – along with the map drops separately tomorrow. Xbox gamers received the content last month. You can read up on Collection 4 and the new maps details over here.

Modern Warfare 3 has received a total of 24 drops – ranging from Chaos Mode, Face Off and a magnitude of standard multiplayer maps – and one free nostalgic map: Terminal.

Which of the content drops were your favourite? Did you enjoy the year of content drops? Would you want to see Black Ops II follow the same schedule or use a different approach – still using ELITE – to keeping the game fresh across the year? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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