Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Early Copies Already Out Into the Wild, Patch Required to Get Past Main Title Screen

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With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare set to be released next week, and the title being one of the year’s biggest games, the inevitable happened, which means Modern Warfare early copies are already in the hands of lucky people.

Over on Twitter, Call of Duty leaker TheGamingRevolution mentioned that Modern Warfare early copies are already circulating, with two images of the game complete with its packaging.

However, it seems that even if you’re one of the people who managed to get early copies of Modern Warfare, it’s not really going to do anything other than be a coaster since there’s a required patch to get past the main title screen! This was revealed by Reddit user Momskirbyok who snapped a screenshot of it.

This patch might be a bummer for some who were hoping that even if multiplayer can’t be played, the campaign can be experienced. However, given how almost every game these days require a day one update, this is definitely not that surprising to hear.

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