Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gun Customization In-Depth, Custom Mods Will Be Available at Launch

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If you’ve played the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta, no doubt you’ve had a chance to test the Gunsmith part of the game. The Gunsmith, which is a fancier way of saying Modern Warfare gun customization, allowed gamers to mix and match weapon attachments to see which ones are the best fit for their play style.

Over on Activision’s blog, the publisher confirmed that there will be nine different attachment categories for weapons.


Gunsmith is a simple and visualized, yet deep and engaging in-game system that focuses on collecting and utilizing an incredible array of weapon attachments. These are designed to offer a ton of weapon customization options to suit each player’s individual play style.

Unlock attachment sets across up to nine different categories, each with loads of options and configurations:

·      Stocks

·      Lasers

·      Optics

·      Rear Grips

·      Magazines

·      Barrel

·      Under Barrel

·      Muzzles

·      Perks

Aside from attachments, players will be able to utilize unique weapon mods like ricochet, semi-auto, burst and more. As for weapon progression, customization options will be unlockable via gameplay, and each weapon will have hteir own progression path. Lastly, the blog mentions something about “Custom Mods,” which will be available at launch. It’s mentioned that players can “blueprint” their own custom weapon configurations utilizing the content unlocked through gameplay.

In other Modern Warfare news, go read up on how crossplay works in the game, and it’ll be available in the beta this Thursday! Activision has also promised that PS4 gamers will get an “exciting advantage” on day one for the game.

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