Report: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to Receive Purchasable COD Points Sometime After Launch

modern warfare cod points
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While this year’s Call of Duty — Call of Duty: Modern Warfare — won’t be getting a Season Pass, and will allow for cross-play (PC and consoles), it seems one thing we still have to contend with are the Call of Duty Points (COD Points), which means Modern Warfare microtransactions is a thing.

As part of our post yesterday listing down the different editions of Modern Warfare, it mentions that COD Points will be made accessible in the game at a later date, which implies that Modern Warfare microtransactions will be something that Activision and Infinity Ward will roll out at some point after launch, which isn’t surprising given this has been Activision’s M.O. the past few COD entries.

Here’s a mention of it (via Reddit user SecondRealitySims):

Again, this shouldn’t be anything new to veteran Call of Duty fans, but at least it’s confirmation that the game will indeed feature microtransactions, and not at launch. Hopefully, loot boxes won’t be part of the equation as well.

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Are you surprised at this development or not at all? And is Activision doing this to rake in postitive review scores first before slotting it in?

How do you think Infinity Ward will handle it and do you think it’ll be better compared to Black Ops 4?

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