Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Tamagotchi Feeds on Kills in Multiplayer

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In a recent interview Joel Emslie, Art Director for Call of Duty: Modern Warafre from Infinity Ward, discussed one of the game’s most unique multiplayer features, the Modern Warfare Tamagotchi. With this year’s Call of Duty game, Infinity Ward is doubling down on the multiplayer experience, bringing a whole new aspect to the game’s PvP scene, wearable wristwatches, including one that feeds on a player’s kills.

During the interview with The Daily Star, Emslie recalled how he’d asked the engineers for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to get creative with one of the game’s wristwatches. He requested that the wristwatch include a Tamagotchi-like feature, except the creature in the watch lived and grew based on a player’s kills, instead of the standard regime of needing to stop and feed the thing every five minutes. This wristwatch has become known as the TomaGUNchi.

Players who have had access to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s multiplayer around the time Infinity Ward revealed their biggest features for it became hooked by the wristwatch feature, including the TomaGUNchi. However, it sounds like there are a number of different versions of wristwatches available in the game. It’s likely that players will unlock these as they progress through the levels in the multiplayer mode, though Infinity Ward has confirmed that campaign progress will also count towards this level.

Unfortunately Infinity Ward hasn’t revealed what other types of wristwatches exist in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It’s possible that others will be created that have a similar theme to the TomaGUNchi, based on the player-feedback received so far. These variations could require grenade kills, or kills with specific weapons or killstreaks in order to keep the creature in the wristwatch alive.

One aspect of these wristwatches that hasn’t been discussed is whether or not the player receives any sort of gameplay bonus from them. While a buff that advances progress to a killstreak may be too powerful, a buff to reload speed, armor, or even magazine size would provide a similar advantage to using slightly different weapons. Therefore, these advantages should be balanced enough that they won’t provide an unfair advantage, and could well be included in the game as a result.

Only time will tell what bonuses, if any, these wristwatches provide to players outside of looking awesome, and providing an overwhelming sense of duty to the small creatures living in them.

Source: The Daily Star

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