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Those who want to play a new battle royale experience and for free, Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Warzone is now live and free for everyone! While the mode was made available earlier today, it was for those who owned Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Now, though, it’s free for everyone and yes, you do NOT need to own Modern Warfare to play this.

If you can’t find the game client, we’re here to help! Below are the Call of Duty Warzone download links for PS4, Xbox One, and PC!

Call of Duty Warzone Download Links:

Call of Duty: Warzone (PS4) – PlayStation Plus not required

Call of Duty: Warzone (Xbox One) – Xbox Live Gold required

Call of Duty: Warzone (

Official description:

In Warzone’s Battle Royale mode, drop into the massive Verdansk world with 150 players in teams of three to loot and fight to be the last squad standing in a colossal firefight. In this redefined Battle Royale, players of all skill levels and playstyles will find new ways to play and be rewarded in the survival game mode.
  • Players can collect in-match Cash to purchase equipment, Field Upgrades, Killstreaks or Revive Tokens for fallen teammates at Buy Stations located throughout the map to help turn the tide of war.
  • Squads can choose to take on Contracts, optional in-match mini-missions located throughout the map that payout in epic in-match rewards upon completion, including rare loot, in-match Cash, XP, and Weapon XP to help squads get the upper hand on the competition.
  • If you go down in a match, it doesn’t mean you’re out for the count. In Warzone’s Battle Royale, there are different ways players can earn their way back into the fight:
  • The Gulag is an all-new way to earn a second chance at survival in Battle Royale. Upon being eliminated, players will be taken to the Gulag to face-off against another fallen player in a 1v1 winner-takes-all gunfight, for a chance to redeploy back into the match.
  • In addition, players can earn enough in-match Cash to purchase a Self-Revive Kit in order to heal themselves after being downed by an opponent.
  • Players can also bring back fallen teammates by earning enough in-match Cash to purchase a Squad Buyback at Buy Stations scattered throughout the map.

Official description for Plunder (game mode):

Warzone also features the all-new, large-scale combat mode Plunder, where the freedom and gameplay variety of Battle Royale meets fast-paced Call of Duty action.
  • In Plunder, teams drop into an action-packed race to collect as much in-match Cash as possible by raiding Supply Boxes, eliminating opponents, completing Contracts or by controlling key Cash deposit locations throughout the map.
  • Each player gets unlimited respawns, their own loadout, killstreaks and more, as they employ multiple team strategies to grow and safeguard their collection of in-match Cash.
  • There are a variety of ways to achieve victory, creating nearly endless epic moments and creative possibilities to win this battleground heist.

We also posted a big FAQ that should answer most questions would-be players have.

Stay tuned for our Call of Duty: Warzone review hitting the site once we’ve had enough time with the game.

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