Call of Duty Warzone May 10 Playlist Update Released for Quads

COD Warzone Playlist Update for September 2

Raven Software is out to shake up players’ day in Call of Duty Warzone today! The Call of Duty: Warzone May 10 playlist update is now live, which is a surprise given we see these rolled out mid-week usually.

Call of Duty Warzone May 10 Playlist Update Patch Notes:

Unlike the last playlst update which was full of weapon balances, todays Warzone playlist update is for Quads!

Mondays aren’t usually full of surprises, so we wanted to spice it up a bit!

A #Warzone Playlist update is going live now. Rebirth Island Resurgence Quads are back!

Grab your friends and get spicy!

Yep, that’s about it. We are getting Rambo soon though, so there’s that.

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