Call of Duty Warzone Server Crashes as New Event Goes Live (Update)

Warzone Server Crashes April 21

Well the day has finally arrived for the destruction of Verdansk event has finally gone live. Unfortunately, the Call of Duty Warzone are crashing left and right.

Call of Duty Warzone Server Crashes

Dubbed, “Destruction of Verd” there’s a new live event happening in Warzone right now that is seemingly the first of a multipart event. Players are tasked with surviving in the Warzone match for at least the full 10 minutes as warnings of a nuclear strike flashes on the players screen. 

Details on The Destruction of Verd event:

You have your orders, Operators. Begin infiltrating Verdansk and saving those who are still within the DZ, as well as yourselves.

We know you are outnumbered, out-armed, and out of options against this contamination, as resources are expected to be scarce within Verdansk.

Survive at all costs against the threats that remain, no matter the odds. We are counting on you to execute the mission.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Warzone servers are experiencing crashes as players (including us) are being booted out to the main screen to once again join the long que wait. We were able to get into a match with it only to crash and boot us with 5-minutes remaining on the clock. This seems to be an issue that is going around for almost everyone, though some lucky few have already been able to complete the first part of the event.

Hopefully as the day goes on the servers begin to steadily return back to normal (meaning less Warzone server crashes), though this shouldn’t come much of a surprise all things considering Activision did just announced that Warzone had hit over 100 million players. No doubt they’re feeling the full userbase right now trying to log into the game to experience the destruction of Verdansk. We will keep you posted should there be any status updates. 

Update #1: Activision has acknowledge the issues and is currently investigating. 

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