Call of Duty: WWII Developer Sledgehammer Games Working on Multiple Projects

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Following Sledgehammer Games’ release of Call of Duty: WWII back in 2017, the studio has been silent on any of its future projects, which most people would assume is a new Call of Duty game. While nothing has been confirmed, the latest rumors circulating is that for this year’s Call of Duty, it won’t be Sledgehammer Games at at the helm as they’re supposed to, but Treyarch.

In a new interview with the studio, COO Andy Wilson talked about the studio’s mass hiring spree, and how they confirmed that they are now a “multi-project” studio.

Wilson: Sledgehammer Games is entering a period of growth across both of our main studio locations: Foster City, California and Melbourne, Australia. We’re now a multi-project studio and we’re looking for a substantial number of new team members to join us. We’re looking across every discipline and various levels of seniority. It’s a pretty exciting time for our studio.

In the same interview, Wilson mentioned that they are hiring for 100 spots within the company’s two studios in California and Melbourne. Of course, no other details regarding the games (or projects) they’re working on have been revealed, but a recent rumor has surfaced in March that the studio is working on a full-fledged free-to-play (F2P) Call of Duty title. Bear in mind that this is a rumor, and Sledgehammer Games might be working on DLC for the upcoming Call of Duty game for all we know.

What are you hoping to see from the studio, would you be down for a F2P Call of Duty game from Sledgehammer if the rumor is indeed true?

Source: VentureBeat