CCP Announces Project Legion, A PC Re-imagining of DUST 514. Admits DUST Wasn’t Great

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CCP games, the developers behind the PS3 title DUST 514 and the highly popular PC game EVE Online, has announced during the EVE fanfest that DUST 514 would be getting a “reimagined’ version for the PC.

Project Legion, as CCP as calls the title, is the game that DUST 514 should have been according to what the developers said during the event. “How can we take the Eve Online experience and adapt it to the FPS genre? It is what Dust 514 should have been,” stated Julien Bourbonnais, game designer on Project Legion.

Do know that this isn’t just some port of DUST 514 to PC, as from the looks of the gameplay and maps, this will be a bigger sandbox title with much more details and new locations.

In terms of the relationship with EVE Online, DUST 514 never felt like it belonged in the universe with it’s rough gameplay and other shortcomings.

You can view some B-roll footage below.

Source: IBTimes


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