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CCP Announces Project Legion, A PC Re-imagining of DUST 514. Admits DUST Wasn’t Great News 11

News 11 CCP games, the developers behind the PS3 title DUST 514 and the highly popular PC game EVE Online, has announced during the EVE fanfest that DUST 514 would be getting a “reimagined’ version for the PC. Project Legion, as CCP as calls the title, is the game that DUST 514 should have been according to what […]

DUST 514 Launches on PSN, Successfully Binding PS3 and PC Players to “One Universe, One War” in New Eden News 19

News 19 Yesterday, CPP games brought the ambitious, free-to-play, MMO FPS DUST 514 out of beta testing and into the ‘real world’ as it officially launched on the PlayStation Network, sucessfully connecting PlayStation 3 gamers with the world of EVE Online, launched 10 years ago, on the PC. “We set out to create something so ambitious and […]

DUST 514 Officially Launches May 14th, New EVE Online Video News 14

News 14 After being in it’s beta stage for a little over a year now, CCP games announced today during their EVE convention that the free-to-play PlayStation 3-exclusive title, DUST 514, would be launching this May 14 via the PlayStation Network. Beta testers who have been through DUST 514 since the start have seen many major changes occur, including […]

Dust 514 Gathering Forces Trailer, Open Beta Officially launches Today News 7

News 7 After months of extensive testing, CCP is pleased to announce today that Dust 514 will be entering its open Beta stage. To celebrate this announcement, CCP games has released a brand-new trailer called “Gathering Forces.” In this trailer, you’ll learn just what Dust 514 is all about. Now that DUST 514 has entered open beta, mercenaries will […]

Dust 514 Launches All-Out War Next Week With Open Beta Testing News 8

News 8 After months of closed Beta testing, Dust 514, the Free-to-play FPS PlayStation 3 exclusive, and CCP have finally announced that starting next week, everyone will be able to download the Beta as it enters its open stage. “The launch of the Dust 514 Open Beta is another step towards our long-term vision for CCP and Eve,” CEO of […]

CCP’s Dev Dairy: The Weapons of DUST 514 News 4

News 4 Last time on CCP’s Dust 514 developer diaries, the devs spoke about the many vehicles available in the free-to-play FPS, currently in closed beta testing. Once again they’re back, this time to discuss the endless available weapons in New Eden. So, what has been your favorite class of weapons in the beta so far?

Dust 514: The Rewards Of War News 8

News 8 Besides running around and blowing stuff up, there’s a lot more to CCP’s Free-to-Play first-person shooter Dust 514 than what meets the eye, especially when it comes to the rewards of the battlefield. The Playstation Blog details the economy of war in the latest Dust 514 update. Money ISK is the primary currency in the EVE Universe […]

EVE Online: Retribution Expansion Trailer, Put A Bounty On Your Enemies Head News 2

News 2 CCP is gearing up to release a new EVE Online expansion pack and this brand new trailer introduces just some of the new content you’ll find within. Remember that when DUST 514 launches later next year, both EVE and DUST will join together, allowing each player to help one another out. You can read more […]

CCP’s Dev Dairy: The Vehicles of DUST 514 Part 2 News 1

News 1 Last week, we saw the lead vehicle designer of Dust 514, Ryan Thornton, give us a brief look at some of the vehicles of the title, detailing them and outlining some future plans. This week he returns with yet another Vehicle video, detailing yet another set of DUST 514 war machines.

Check out the The Vehicles of DUST 514 in Part 1 of CCP’s Dev Dairy News 4

News 4 Lead vehicle designer for DUST 514, Ryan Thornton, gives players an inside look at just some of the vehicles available in Dust 514. He also talks about the idea continued support for DUST 514 and how the team plans to implement new features in the future, including more vehicles like mechs. DUST 514 is a […]

Dust 514 in Closed Beta For The Rest of The Year, Key Giveaway News 14

News 14 For those who were hoping for an open beta for the PS3 exclusive, Dust 514, you may have to wait till next year. Speaking with Eurogamer, CCP games have told them that the Beta would most likely remain closed till the end of 2012. “Things are going well,” CCP Games exec David Reid said. “We’ll […]

DUST 514 Will Release In October, Bundled In New PS3 Slim Model News 13

News 13 Seems that DUST 514 release date is approaching much faster than thought, according to Sony’s CEO Jack Tretton. Speaking with FOX News, Jack said that the free-to-play first person shooter, DUST514 will be out by next month. While this may have been a premature announcement, the latest PS Blog post, which details the new PS3 […]

Dust 514 Beta Open To PS+ Today, New Update Adds EVE Online Integration And More News 16

News 16 The Dust 514 Beta is gearing up as it is about to open it’s door to many new users. Today, CCP released a brand new update, which comes packed with the first EVE integration system along with some graphical enhancements and many other new features. Later on today, when the PlayStation store update has officially […]

10 Ongoing and Upcoming Beta’s to Look Out For News 14

News 14 Video game beta’s have been popping up left, right and center in the past while and it’s becoming harder and harder to keep track of all these amazing games that developers want you to try out before they release. Fear not. We’ve rounded up 10 beta’s that are currently accepting registration, some of which are […]

PS+ August Preview – Dust 514 Beta, Counter Strike: Global Offensive 20% Off News 8

News 8 Good news for you PlayStation+ subscribers as Sony has revealed this month’s update. Among the selected free games, subscribers will be granted closed beta entrance to Dust 514 and also get the opportunity to save on Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Dust 514 Beta Details (August 21st) For those who are subscribers (or will be), you’ll […]

Second Dust 514 Beta Event Now Live News 5

News 5 In celebration of the 4th of July, CCP games have decided to launch Dust 514 second Beta event a day early. This second Beta event will run until Sunday, July 8th. If you haven’t signed up for the beta yet, make sure you do so by visiting the official Dust 514 Beta page. In case […]

Dust 514 Mercenary Pack Announced, Comes With All Access Beta Pass And More News 9

News 9 Today, CCP the developers behind Dust 514 announced that a new Mercenary Pack would be available for purchase from the Playstation Store for Dust 514. The pack will grant players access to every beta event, off-weekends, and loads of gear and in-game currency. The contents (worth over $50) for the Mercenary Pack are: 4,000 Aurum […]

Dust 514 and Eve Online – Dev Details Ways Players Can Interact Between The Two Universes News 3

News 3 One of the most appealing features of Dust 514 is that it takes place in the Eve Online universe. When Dust 514 was first announced, it was said that both games would work with each other. At the time, no one really understood what exactly that meant, but Eurogamer managed to contact CCP developer Jon […]

Upcoming Multiplayer Games To Look Out For News 13

News 13 Multiplayer seems to be the latest craze in gaming. Games like Call of Duty or Battlefield depend on the very survival of it, and while those are currently the biggest multiplayer games out on the market (at least on console), I have decided to make a list of other multiplayer games that I think everyone […]

Dust 514 – Top Load-out Might Cost Up to $0.24 Per Death, Completely Optional News 12

News 12 CCP vice president of Art, Morgan Godat sat down with Eurogamer to discuss Dust 514 real life currency economy. For every death that occurs in Dust 514, someone loses their gear. Meaning that if you earned yourself a high end weapon and died, you’ll lose that weapon forever until you purchase it again. “There’s a thing […]

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