Dust 514 in Closed Beta For The Rest of The Year, Key Giveaway

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For those who were hoping for an open beta for the PS3 exclusive, Dust 514, you may have to wait till next year.

Speaking with Eurogamer, CCP games have told them that the Beta would most likely remain closed till the end of 2012.

“Things are going well,” CCP Games exec David Reid said. “We’ll be in closed beta through the end of 2012, but it won’t take much longer. With a bet this big you want to get things right.”

CCP also went on the discuss how other developers have been releasing a Beta, though, in truth, they are more like a “working launch demo.” With DUST 514, the team feels that it’s a “real” beta and that they are “doing something unprecedented” while wanting “to get everything” right.

The biggest challenge that they currently face is the first 10 minutes of the game.

“We want to make it as accessible as Call of Duty and Battlefield. It’s about getting people interested, then getting them down that rabbit hole into the EVE universe. Pretty soon they’ll be at [annual convention] Fanfest getting a tattoo,” they told Eurogamer.

And of course, there’s the issue that many players fear with free-to-play titles and that’s how players who pay may have an advantage over those who do not. They stated that they expect the vast majority to spend nothing and that “the best shooter who spends nothing should be able to beat the worst shooter who pays the most.”

Can’t wait till 2013 to join in on the open Beta? We’ve got three keys to give away to three lucky readers. Simply leave a comment, make sure you’re a member of the MP1st forums, and we’ll choose three random winners!