Check Out 9 Minutes of Watch Dogs Multiplayer

With Watch Dogs just on the horizon, Ubisoft is seemingly ramping up the amount of gameplay that they’re showing off to anxious fans.

Today we get a glimpse at 9 minutes of almost uncut footage. The best part? It’s all about multiplayer.

Showcasing how players can drop in and out of each others games, hacking their way to victory, it looks like Watch Dogs holds true to their “Everything is connected” motto, as players are required to think on their feet when entering a multiplayer game.

Check out the new gameplay above, showing off some of the ways you can play multiplayer in Watch Dogs, and be sure to drop your thoughts below.

Are you excited for Watch Dogs multiplayer, or are you not impressed?

We also got a look at some brand new screens yesterday, showing off the game’s beautifully recreated Chicago setting.

Watch Dogs is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on May 27.

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