Check Out This Real Life Recreation of the Halo Infinite Mangler Gun

Halo Infinite

Last week, Halo fans around the world got to witness the gameplay reveal of Halo Infinite. Not only did we find out that the game will be open world, but we even got a look at one of the new weapons being introduced, and one of ’em is the Halo Infinite Mangler gun.

Those not familiar with it, The Mangler is a Banished armament, and is a pistol-like weapon, and is a bit heavier and fires slower than your standard UNSC pistol. Well, Halo fan and cosplayer Skookum Props got hyped up enough that he built a real-life Halo Infinite Mangler gun!

Here’s what it looks like:

If you’re interested in making it yourself, CAD renders and progress photos can be seen here in the 405th forums. For reference, the Mangler gun is the pistol in the featured image, and the one being wielded by the grunt shown below.

Not bad at all, right? If you want to see more of Skookum Props’ work, check out his Instagram and Facebook page.

Speaking of Halo-related guns, Nerf unveiled the company’s Halo Infinite Nerf gun and it includes a “digital asset” of some kind.

If you spot any cool Halo-related stuff, you can reach us via our tips hotline and we’ll credit you for the find.

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