Cliff Belszinksi: I Have to Keep LawBreakers “Alive,” PS4 Version “Doing Fine”

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It’s no secret that Boss Key Production’s LawBreakers is struggling right now to hold on its paltry player base. As of the time of this writing, the 24-hour peak is at just a 184 on Steam, which is very low — especially if you consider it hasn’t even been out for more than 30 days.

LawBreakers‘ lack of immediate success hasn’t been lost on Boss Key head honcho, Cliff Bleszinski. In an interview with GameSpot, Bleszinski talked a fair bit about the low LawBreakers player count, how launching near Destiny 2 season didn’t help, and more.

First off. Cliff Bleszinksi says the PS4 version of LawBreakers is “doing fine,” and compares how PC players see success compared to console players.

There is a situation where players look at numbers on Steam; that doesn’t happen on PlayStation 4. I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but you look at PC, [concurrent user] health versus PS4, PS4 is doing fine.

People cough up 30 bucks and hop online and they don’t overthink it. On PC there is you wanting to declare something a success or a bomb by this internet culture that loves to just observe things. But it’s like, guys, you know, the small bit [of players] that we have, we’re going to continue to iterate and engage. As we issue content drops, maybe there’s going to be sales or potential free weekends down the line, continue to fluff that CCU up.

Bleszinski adds that what’s happening to LawBreakers has been “humbling,” and that he needs to be “less of a dick” to people on social media. 

We need the bodies. We need to keep fluffing up the CCU,” Bleszinski said. “We need to do what we can to let people know this is a really sweaty palm type of experience that can hopefully lend itself to eSports. But you know, I have to keep this game alive, first and foremost. I can be very cocky and very brash on social media. And realising that, you know, we have a fledgling player base. It’s been very humbling for me. I’m going to continue to iterate on this game, continue to add to it. And try to be less of a dick, honestly.

There’s a lot more interesting stuff, and I urge you to give the entire thing a read.

Do you think it will work? Can LawBreakers still rise up? What will it take to do so?