LawBreakers Player Count Drops Below 500 on PC Less Than a Month After Launch

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We’ve already documented how Boss Key’s debut game, LawBreakers, has had a tough time in roping players in post-launch. We even made a video feature about it, and even reported what Cliff Bleszinksi thinks about all of this as well.

Well, sad to say, things doesn’t seem to be looking better. Over on Steam, LawBreakers has seen its 24-hour peak dip below 500. At the time of this writing, there was 293 players online 20 minutes ago, which, while not dead, also doesn’t bode well for a shooter not even a month out at retail.

Will things improve for the shooter? Let’s hope it does. It’s never fun when a game fails, and given how LawBreakers seems to be an actual good game, well, we certainly don’t want that happening.

Are you still playing LawBreakers? What can the studio do to rope in players?

Source: NeoGAF