Cliff Bleszinski Wants Nexon CEO to Revive LawBreakers IP

cliff bleszinski lawbreakers

Cliff Bleszinski, veteran developer (Gears of War) and designer of now-offline arena shooter LawBreakers, has made recent statements on Twitter regarding the game. Bleszinski revealed that the game’s IP is currently in the hands of Nexon, LawBreakers’ original publisher. He also tweeted at the studio’s CEO, Owen Mahoney, requesting him to “slide into [his] DMs” to talk about a “resurrection” for it.

Days ago, Bleszinski originally tweeted out that Nexon owned rights to LawBreakers, with his request to Mahoney also found in the same tweet:

Interestingly enough, while Bleszinski seems to want to revive LawBreakers, he isn’t as keen on running it himself. In a reply thread to the original tweet, Bleszinski revealed that he was “kinda over the whole making games thing for a while,” and that he would rather help out on the potential revival as a consultant.

While LawBreakers was well-received by critics and reviewers during the game’s release, the shooter failed to sustain a large enough player base to continue live services, with the game’s PC player count dropping below 500 less than one month after its launch. LawBreakers’ game servers shut down one year later in September 2018, with one of the game’s developers claiming that arena-style shooters were not “widely accepted” when the game came out.

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