Co-Op Horror Shooter Killing Floor 2 Now On Steam Early Access

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Tripwire Interactive is back with Killing Floor 2, a sci-fi, horror, co-op FPS follow-up to the original PC shooter back in 2009.

It’s available now on Steam Early Access for $29.99 and includes three levels, four perks, 27 weapons, 11 enemies, 1 boss character, 7 playable characters, custom level creation support, and a lot of blood and guts.

“With the Early Access release of Killing Floor 2, we’re starting with a really fun core game,” Tripwire President John Gibson said. “We’re looking forward to dialing in that fun with community feedback during Early Access, and of course expanding that experience with awesome free content!”

If you have feedback of your own to provide, it can be given on the game’s official forums. You can keep up with some of the issues the studio is currently tracking right here.

New content, including new maps, monsters, perks, weapons, and game types, will be added to the Early Access version which will carry over to the full release, after which additional free content is also planned.

Killing Floor 2 Early Access Features:

  • 3 non-linear levels – the dark streets of Burning Paris, the ice covered Outpost and a re-imagined version of the original Biotics Lab
  • 4 perks – Berserker, Support, Commando and Medic classes
  • 27 weapons – ranging from shotguns to assault rifles to crazy makeshift hybrid weapons!
  • 11 deadly and terrifying Zeds – all determined to destroy you
  • 7 playable characters – including fan favorites Mr. Foster and Constable Rob Briar as well as a new female character – Ana Larive
  • 1 new boss character – Enter Hans Volter and his arsenal of devastating weapons and attacks
  • Mod SDK supporting custom level creation

Thanks, PCGamer