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Battlefield 4, 3, 1 and V Are Now Available on Steam News 1

News 1 Those who want to play Battlefield games on PC and don’t want to use EA’s Origin client, a bunch of Battlefield games are now available via Steam! PC gamers can now buy Battleifeld 4, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 1, and Battlefield V on Steam! Direct purchase links and descriptions are below. Battlefield 3 Enjoy total freedom […]

Valve Patents New Steam Controller With Swappable Parts News 0

News 0 With both Sony and Microsoft showcasing new controllers for their upcoming next-gen consoles, it seems Valve won’t sit idly by, as the company has filed a patent that mentions a new Steam controller with swappable parts. Related Reading:  PS5 Controller Revealed, Called the “DualSense” Xbox Series X Controller Features a New D-Pad, Textured Grip This […]

Here Are the Free Games You Can Download Right Now While Stuck at Home News 0

News 0 With the COVID-19 epidemic spreading like wildfire across the world, most of the world’s governments are recommending people to stay at home in order to stop the virus from spreading. Having said that, one of the best and safest ways to entertain yourselves at home is by playing video games. Now, for those who don”t […]

EA Games and EA Access Subscription Coming to Steam News 0

News 0 If you’re one of the millions of PC players who use Steam and want to play EA games without using Origin, that will soon become a reality! Today, EA has announced that the publisher’s titles will soon be available on Valve’s Steam platform! This will be in effect in full starting next spring, but the […]

Steam Remote Play Together Details Announced News 0

News 0 If you’re a PC gamer, chances are you use Steam. If you want to play with friends and you only own the game, or if the game only supports local co-op, Valve has a solution for you and it’ for free! Called Steam Remote Play Together, this new feature lets you play with your Steam […]

Steam Remote Play Raises Questions of Local Multiplayer’s Future News 0

News 0 An announcement by a Steam product designer has been making waves recently as it announced a new twist on split-screen multiplayer. Going by the name of Steam: Remote Play Together, this new system will allow users to play local-coop games at a distance via an active internet connection. Today our team announced another great new […]

Best Single-Player Games on Steam News 1

News 1 Sponsored post by Gamerall The gaming platform offers over 23,000 titles, which makes it your ultimate destination for the most fascinating digital battles. In addition to the wide choice, the installation on multiple devices and automatic updates are also available. Overall, Steam is pure gaming heaven.  There is one drawback, however — the abundance of […]

Report: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Might Be Releasing on Steam According to Nvidia News 0

News 0 While official confirmation (and logic) have only mentioned that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare would just be launching on Activision’s own service,, it appears that there may indeed be a Modern Warfare Steam release. In a recent giveaway announcement by Nvidia, the company revealed that they were giving winners a $50 Steam credit towards […]

Top 20 Best Selling Steam Games for April 2019 News 0

News 0 Despite the Epic Game Store’s scandalous exclusivity deals. The Steam Store continues to get some magnificent games from multiple companies. The development team at Valve wants customers to be aware of this. As such, they have started to rank their Top games sold on the platform. With this in mind, let’s look at the Steam […]

Epic Games Purchase of Rocket League Studio Leaves Steam Status in Doubt News 0

News 0 Fortnite developers Epic Games announced today it has completed the purchase of Rocket League creators Psyonix. What that means for the future of Rocket League is anyone’s guess. Pysonix is, unsurprisingly claiming this is nothing but good news. In an official release from the company, it says the acquisition by Epic simply means the developers […]

Steam Active Users Now at Over 45 Million Daily News 0

News 0 While most big studios focus on console gamers when it comes to AAA releases, the PC market is and always will be a big market as well. Of course, when it comes to PC gaming, there’s a platform synonymous with it, and that’s Steam. Almost every gaming PC and laptop today has Steam installed as […]

Monster Hunter World Cements Itself as Biggest Japanese Game on Steam of All Time News 0

News 0 Here’s another feather on Capcom’s cap when it comes to Monster Hunter World: aside from the blockbuster sales the game experienced when it launched on consoles, it’s now the biggest Japanese game ever on Steam! In Eurogamer’s report, it mentioned that the game has reached over 240K concurrent players, which is an outdated figure since […]

Cloud9 Become First North American CS:GO Team to win Major Championship News 0

News 0 Cloud9 has become the first North American Counter Strike: Global Offensive team to win Valve’s Major championship, beating out the favored European superteam FaZe Clan to claim the title. Many fans of CS:GO were left on the edge of their seat as Cloud9 mounted an incredible journey to finals, a feat only achieved once before […]

GTX 1060 Becomes Most Popular Graphics Card on Steam News 0

News 0 While the cryptocurrency mining craze had a dramatic effect on GPU prices, the GTX 1060 remained a compelling choice for gamers who wanted to get the optimal amount of bang for their buck. In the latest Steam Hardware & Software Survey for December 2017, Nvidia’s GTX 1060 rose above the GTX 960 and GTX 750 […]

Steam Awards 2017 Winners Revealed, Includes PUBG, Warframe, The Witcher 3 & More News 0

News 0 The Steam Awards 2017 winners have been crowned. The second Steam Awards event featured a range of categories, celebrating games which offer players multiple choices and paths to take, titles that make for an intense experience, and much more. Here’s the list of categories, nominees, and winners: Choices Matter Award Games are about agency, and […]

Steam “Best of 2017” List, Includes Top Selling, Top Played and More News 0

News 0 Valve, the company behind digital storefront behemoth Steam, has released its “Best of 2017” list, and it covers a lot of ground. While people usually lists their top games of the year, Valve did that a few hundred steps better by listing the Steam top selling games of 2017, best new releases, most played and […]

Report: China Blocks Steam Community News 0

News 0 Here’s an odd move: China has banned Valve’s Steam Community for some unspecified reason. This was revealed by Twitter “Valve Time,” which is a news hub of all things Valve (the company, not the thing). According to, Steam is “95 percent’ blocked in the last 90 days. While  people in China can still access […]

Steam No Longer Accepting Bitcoin for Payments News 0

News 0 Steam, the world’s largest digital storefront for PC games, is no longer supporting Bitcoin. According to the company, it’s due to the currency’s high fees and “volatility” in the value of it. In a press release on the official Steam site, Valve explained its actions. Check out the entire letter to the community below. As […]

Steam Concurrent Users Reach All-Time High at 17 Million News 1

News 1 I’m forever posting about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ever-increasing concurrent player count, which continues to rise and rise with no sign of slowing down. That game is just so damn popular! However, what’s also popular, is the client that houses PUBG. I’m talking about Steam! Steam has just hit a new milestone for all-time concurrent users. Thanks to the Steam […]

Steam Autumn Sale Now Live & Steam Awards 2017 Categories Revealed News 0

News 0 It’s that time again where wallets become emptied and gaming libraries become filled. The Steam Autumn Sale has begun, and there’s discounts on practically everything! My personal highlights include the recently released, yet still significantly discounted, Middle-earth: Shadow of War for $40. Another big recent release is Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, whose Season Pass-toting Digital Deluxe edition has had […]

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