COD: Advanced Warfare – Double XP Gun Game, One Shot Moshpit, And New Gear Drops Incoming This Weekend

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Quick-scopers and sharp-shooting gunslingers, be prepared. Sledgehammer Games is bringing back Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s One Shot game modes and is introducing Gun Game for the first time this weekend, along with some brand new player gear to earn and some double XP to top it off.

Details are to follow, says Sledgehammer. But for those who need the refresher, the One Shot Moshpit playlist is all about your skill with a sniper rifle and the various loadouts based on Advanced Warfare’s MORS rifle. Gun Game, teased earlier this week, is a classic, fan-favorite mode that tests your handling abilities with an assortment of different weapons. While it’s only a rumor for now, potential settings and a weapon list for the mode were spotted earlier yesterday.

Stay tuned for specifics on some of the new gear you’ll be able to start unlocking this weekend while taking some of the new modes for a spin.