COD: Advanced Warfare’s Grand Master Prestige Program Will Offer Players New Prestige Ranks And Unlocks

Gaining ultimate Prestige in Call of Duty just got a lot tougher.

Some time in March, says developer Sledgehammer Games, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare players who’ve attained Max Prestige will be challenged to progress through an additional set of 15 new Prestige levels, earning new gear and chances to unlock better weapons along the way.

Each new Master Prestige rank will yield not only a shiny new gold-colored emblem, but also a specific Elite variant of one of the 15 different weapons listed in the image below, including the BAL27 РObsidian Steed, MP11 РGoliath, MORS РSilver Bullet, and more.

Upon reaching the new Grand Master Prestige rank, the new Max Prestige, players will unlock the all-new Grand Master Prestige character gear set in bad-ass black and purple — as royal as it comes.


At the very least, Advanced Warfare’s new Grand Master Prestige program will give max rank players a lot more to do. And who couldn’t use a shot at guaranteed Elite weapon drops? No more complaining that you still don’t have the Obsidian Steed!

As mentioned earlier, the new changes will take effect some time this month with more details from Sledgehammer Games along the way. Keep your sights on MP1st for updates.


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