Infinity Ward Issues Message to Cheaters (Update #2)

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Infinity Ward has now issued a new message to Warzone cheaters! In the statement, Infinity Ward states that cheaters will not be tolerated, and this include stuff such as third-party software like hex editors, aimbots, wallhacks, stats hacks and more. Those caught cheating will be banned.

In other Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare news, a bunch of teasers have surfaced online hinting at a massive change in Verdanks in Season 5! It also seems that the official Call of Duty Instagram has posted a picture of Sgt. Frank Woods from Black Ops, which could hint at something.

Earlier we reported on a potential Modern Warzone leak for Call of Duty Mobile. We have since then removed this piece of information due to a misunderstanding, as the content in question has been confirmed to be just the standard BR mode in COD Mobile.

We’lve emailed Activision about the COD Mobile Warzone gameplay and we’ve gotten a statement that it was fake. Updated the post, with update notes below.

Update: Activision has informed us that the 10-minute clip is just the standard COD Mobile Battle Royale, and is not Warzone. We’ve updated the post with the different intro from the same source, and will monitor the post.

Update #2: Yep, amended the post to take out the fake stuff. Apologies, everyone. We’ve amended the post to just relay the announcement by Infinity Ward.