Modern Warfare Season 5 Start Date Teased, Suggests Nuke Will Go Off Very Soon in Warzone

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While Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players might be grinding out camos and rewards in Season 4, it looks like the Modern Warfare Season 5 start date is nearer than we thought, and it’s in the first week of August!

Twitch streamer NICKMERCS has been given the first teaser for Season 5, and it suggests a big change is coming to Call of Duty:Warzone! The clip below shows what seems to be a a train entering Verdansk. What’s more the video has the date of August 5 at the top, which seems to be the Modern Warfare Season 5 start date.

If that wasn’t enough teasing, Streamer Teep (via ModernWarzone) has also gotten a clip from Infinity Ward and this one features the same August 5 date. The video ends with some sort of explosion, which suggests that the nuke found in Verdansk is finally going off! Check it out below.

Could this mean a map-altering event for Call of Duty: Warzone players? That seems to be it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see if this nuke brings about the reveal for Call of Duty 2020 as previously rumored. Heck, Activision themselves have mentioned how Warzone will be the Call of Duty game that “connects” the different sub franchises. And, y’know, there’s a very juicy Treyarch Easter egg in Warzone too.

The wait won’t be that long, as we’ll probably be getting an announcement from Infinity Ward soon regarding the next season. It’s a toss up just how much Verdansk will be affected, and whether Activision will finally announce this year’s Call of Duty officially.