Call of Duty 2020 Map Names, Campaign Missions & More Datamined

Call of Duty 2020 Puzzle

While Activision has still not announced this year’s Call of Duty, more and more details about it has seeped its way out. Today, the Call of Duty 2020 map names, campaign mission titles and more have been datamined from the Red Door game file on Xbox One that’s currenlty being picked apart by people.

Here’s part of it from Twitter user and someone who’s in the know when it comes to Call of Duty datamining, Modern Warzone.

Note that based from YouTuber Xclusive Ace’s massive info leak obtained last month, there’s reportedly 10 maps that will be available at launch. I suggest reading that to know more about the streaks, health, and more.

Same as with every datamining and given that this year’s Call of Duty has yet to be announced, things are subject to change and that includes the Call of Duty 2020 map names and info listed above. It is something to chew on for now while we wait for Activision to formally announce this year’s Call of Duty though.

Speaking of which, this year’s Call of Duty will supposedly be revealed within Call of Duty: Warzone, and there are Easter eggs that suggest this is indeed Activision’s plan.

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