Report: Call of Duty 2020 Multiplayer Details Leaked – Mini Map Returning, 150 Health & More

Call of Duty 2020 Puzzle

While rumors and even actual early gameplay have surfaced surfaced for this year’s Call of Duty, Activision has still not announced it — which is unheard of given we usually hear about each year’s Call of Duty in May. Well, fortunately for us, leakers won’t let us down, as new Call of Duty 2020 multiplayer details have surfaced today.

This latest batch of Call of Duty 2020 multiplayer details come from YouTuber Xclusive Ace, who’s probably one of the best Call of Duty YouTubers around, and generally doesn’t post any baity or fake stuff. In short: we trust his report on this, which is why it’s on the site.

You can check the video or read up on our summary below.

Call of Duty 2020 multiplayer details:

  • Set in Cold War (no official title confirmed to him)
  • Codename is Zeus internally
  • Targeting end of Q3 release date (earlier than usual) or early Q4
  • Game is in pretty good state; multiplayer maps are done.
  • Campaing fully playable, but not all animations are complete
  • Campaign, Multiplayer, Zombies and Warzone is part of it
  • New Warzone map will be included
  • Standard mini map is back (red dots returning) in its current state, but could easily change before launch
  • No fog of war in mini map (like in Black Ops 4)
  • Compass in Modern Warfare is returning
  • No mounting/leaning mechanic
  • Sliding is in but no dolphin dive
  • Swimming is in, which is in MP maps and Warzone.
  • Standard sprint, no tactical sprint, unlimited sprint is back
  • No doors in MP but will be in Warzone
  • Ace has seen nine out of the ten maps that should be available at launch.
  • Map design is more Treyarch in nature, but some are big and not three-lane. Current map names known are: Mall, Satellite (middle of desert), Tank, Tundra, KGB (fairly small)
  • No Specialists, but something like Field Upgrades is returning and you can charge it up twice (hold up to two at once). Some examples mentioned are Crash’s (from Black Ops 4) ammo box, and a SAM turret-like unit that shoots down streaks
  • There will be regular equipment in one slot (doesn’t recharge). Some examples include: combat axe, concusson, semtext, flash, frag, molotov, and the more.
  • Scorestreaks are back! Some samples of streaks: bow, artillery strike, chopper gunner, gunship, hand cannon (like Seraph’s), flamethrower,  controlled missile, death machine, grenade launcher, light attack chopper, RCXD, sentry gun, UAV, Counter-UAV, napalm strike, strafing plane
  • No Dead Silence in the game currently. No idea on footsteps sounds yet.
  • 150 health (like in Black Ops 4) but will have auto-heal/
  • You can see your health bar (in current state)
  • Confirmed guns are: AK5, SPAS-12
  • Hybrid Create-a-Class and Pick 10 from Treyarch.
  • No Gunsmith
  • Wildcards will be back
  • No Prestige system evidence yet (doesn’t confirm that it’s not coming back though)
  • 6v6 not 5v5
  • No Gunfight mode, but have playtested a 3v3 mode
  • No full-fledged Ground War mode, but they have a mode that takes place on various sections of the Warzone map
  • Ace has an image of the new Warzone map and will take place in Russia

Given that the Call of Duty 2020 multiplayer details above are obtained from an early and unfinished build of the game, things are subject to change, so bear that in mind before judging on the stuff leaked.

Hopefully, Activision will formally announce this year’s Call of Duty soon.

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