COD Warzone Down, Server Issues Reported for July 11

warzone down

Can’t log in or play Call of Duty Warzone? Well, you’re not alone! It seems COD Warzone down reports are surfacing right as we write this, and from different areas too!

Reports have surfaced over on Reddit, and on Twitter stating that yes, Warzone is down!

COD Warzone Down Reports for July 11:

Multiple players on Reddit have commented on how Warzone is not playable for them. In addition to that, it seems the CLD (Call of Duty League) is also experiencing the issue as well.

Same as before, if it is down for you, let us know down in the comments what platform you’re on, and where you’re located, so at least we know if this server outage is exclusive to one area/region/country. We’ll be updating the post as more development surfaces.

Both the official Activision Support Twitter account, and Raven Software have not commented on the server outage, but once they do, we’ll update the post.

In other Warzone news, a popular cheat website is offering a “free trial weekend” of their Call of Duty Warzone cheating software! So you might want to temper expectations in winning a lot of matches, and just being headshotted across the map this weekend.

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