PSA: COD Warzone Cheat Website Offering “Free Trial Weekend”

Warzone Cheat

While video game publishers offer free trial weekends for its games (like what Activision does with Call of Duty), it looks like cheat makers are following suit as well. A certain popular Call of Duty Warzone cheat website (which we won’t name) is offering a “free trial weekend,” which means expect more cheaters in your Warzone matches.

This is more of a warning than anything else, as we won’t be providing links or telling anyone where they can get this, since, y’know, cheating is scummy and all. This free trial weekend is but one of the many issues Warzone has with cheaters. Unfortunately, it seems Activsion has a hard time stopping it.

Given how popular Warzone is now, and it is free-to-play on all platforms, cheat makers are targeting Activision’s popular battle royale game more and more, and this free trial weekend will surely exacerbate things. If you’re looking to take a break from Warzone, this weekend might be the perfect time, due to this promotion.

While these cheating software for games are rampant on PC, more of these cheat providers are looking to horn in on consoles too! We reported one cheat maker that lists one of their main selling points for their “auto aim, auto shot” cheat as “Works on ‘ANY’ platform or console including Xbox, PlayStation and PC.”

Let’s hope that video game publishers find a way to stop these from spreading. If you’re cheating in multiplayer games, maybe check why you need to do it and ruin the fun for everyone?

Thanks, ModernWarzone!

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1 year ago

I doubt it’ll be a big deal. Long time cheaters pay for them. They’re pretty cheap. This is enticing a handful of people who are sketched out about the payment methods (reasonably so).

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