COD Warzone Live-Action Trailer Reminds You to Squad Up for Season 3

Season 3 Warzone Live Action Trailer

To celebrate the official launch of Warzone Season 3, Call of Duty has partnered up with some of the biggest names in  hip-hop, gaming and professional sports for an all new trailer. Here’s Warzone Season 3 live action trailer!

Warzone Season 3 Live Action Trailer

From the press release: 

To celebrate the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone Season Three, a number of Warzone super fans across the worlds of hip-hop, gaming and professional sports, including AJ Tracey, Dennis Schroder, Druski, Gunna, Jack Grealish, Jack Harlow, Michelle Viscusi, Mookie Betts, Nadeshot, Owner of CDL Team LA Thieves, Rocky No Hands, Saweetie, Swae Lee and Young Thug have come together with famed music video director Gibson Hazard in a new campaign called “Squad up the World” that captures the #Let’s Go! thrill we all experience when playing Call of Duty together.

The trailer also confirms (in description) that we will be getting the Verdansk 1984 map today once the second part of the Destruction of Verdansk begins. A new event will be available in Warzone today, which you can find details below.

Starting on April 22nd, the new “Hunt for Adler” limited-time event will task Operators with unique in-game challenges in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone to learn of Adler’s whereabouts. Complete these Intel Challenges to unlock Event rewards, including Weapon Charms, Calling Cards, a new Operator Skin, and more. You can find more details about this event in the Seasonal Event tab on the main menu between Play and Weapons once Season Three kicks off in Warzone. Once you’ve completed a full set of challenges in either Black Ops Cold War or Warzone over the course of the event, you’ll unlock an exclusive Adler skin for use in both games! 

To find out more about Call of Duty Warzone Season 3, please refer to the official patch notes: Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 3 Patch Notes

We will be sure to cover the event once it goes live around 12pm Pacific time. So keep a tab on our site, along with our official Youtube channel for gameplay!

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