COD Warzone Update for July 11 Increases Buy Stations

COD Warzone Update for July 11

Heads up, Call of Duty Warzone players! Raven Software has released a COD Warzone update for July 11, and this is a server-side (no download required) patch! Players will apply it the moment they connect to the game’s servers.

COD Warzone Update for July 11 Patch Notes:

Here’s the announcement from the studio regarding today’s patch:

📢 We have pushed a small update to increase the number of Buy Stations available on Fortune’s Keep from 10 to 13.

🛒 It’s time to go shopping!

Outside of that, just last week, the studio released a server-side patch that touched on weapons, bugs and more! Read up on what got changed there in the offical patch notes.

If there are any stealth changes made with this patch roll out, we’ll be sure to update the article to reflect it.

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