Call of Duty: WWII Dom XL Release Date Announced

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In this week’s community update by Sledgehammer Games, the studio has finally given a firm release date on Call of Duty: WWII’s “Dom XL” playlist. Those unfamiliar with it, Dom XL is the Domination game mode, but with each kill now granting 100 points (like in previous COD titles), instead of 50.

According to Sledgehammer Games, the COD WW2 Dom XL release date is “tracking” for launch on Friday, March 23 for both standard and hardcore! It will be its own playlist, so players will be able to compare Dom XL with the standard one, and feedback will determine which version will remain in the game moving forward.

Also of note, the chrome camo for guns have been buffed significantly as well! Check out it’s new look below.

Check out the rest of the update here where it talks about the currently on-going Operation: Shamrock & Awe event as well.

Are you used to COD WW2’s Dom scoring or will the 100 points per kill change be a welcome tweak? As a longtime Domination player, I always felt scoring change in COD WW2 wasn’t really a welcome change, but that might just be me.

Don’t forget to check out the patch notes for this past Tuesday’s big game update to see what changed.