Call of Duty: WWII Down on PS4 Again, Gives Error Code #103295 (Update)

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Update #2: 

The Activision Support Twitter account has given an update on the situation and has said that servers for “all” Call of Duty games have recovered.

We intentionally waited an hour or two before updating the post to make sure the COD: WWII server issues are really sorted out. Once it goes down again (hopefully not), we’ll be sure to let people know.

Update #1:

After numerous tries, it seems it puts players on queue, but after waiting it out, the connection dropped again, and this time showing error code #36988.  We’ll update the post again once more info is known.

Original Story:

After posting that the Call of Duty: WWII PlayStation 4 servers seem to be back up (roughly around 18 hours ago), it seems the COD: WWII PS4 servers are down yet again today. Logging in will get you error code #103295 and the usual “The Call of Duty:WWII service is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit for updates” message. The official Activision online services page states that all platforms are “online” right now.

The official Activision Support Twitter has not acknowledge the downtime yet, nor has Sledgehammer Games’ account. But once they do, we’ll make sure to update the post. Let’s hope that a hotfix or title update rolls out soon to fix the server issues, matchmaking problems, and of course, the end-of-match glitch that puts players in an endless loading screen.

While you’re waiting for the servers to go back up, do check out our beginner’s guide for some handy tips. If you’ve experienced a rank reset of some sort, don’t fret, Sledgehammer has identified the problem, so it should be sorted soon (if not already). Finally, it seems the Call of Duty: WWII version we’re playing now is the one from the beta! Don’t believe us? Here’s proof!