Call of Duty: WWII to Have “Global Changes” to Flinch, Play-Testing Currently On-Going

While Sledgehammer Games has already mentioned that the Call of Duty: WWII Domination score per kill won’t be getting changed since their data says 50 points is “more fun” than 100, there is one thing that’s confirmed to be changed at some point, and it’s “flinch.”

Those who’ve been playing Call of Duty multiplayer for quite some time should be familiar with flinch, and how it affects gunplay. It’s essentially your character flinching when shot by the enemy, thus making your aim (and crosshair) go all over the place. Over on Twitter, Sledgehammer Games boss Michael Condrey confirmed that “global chances” to flinch are coming.

Currently, some players are fighting the significant amount of flinch in COD: WWII by equipping the “Primed” Basic Training skill. It seems that might not be necessary at some point soon, which should free up the slot for other perks. 

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Shooter fans, what are your thoughts on this? Is the flinch in COD: WWII too much or are some people just complaining for the sake of it?

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