Sledgehammer Games Claims “More Fans” Like Call of Duty: WWII Low Domination Score

A few weeks ago, we posted a story with evidence that Sledgehammer Games didn’t implement the promised Call of Duty: WWII beta changes they were supposed to do in the final game. One of the promised changes that Sledgehammer said would be in the final game was each kill in Domination would be 100 instead of 50.

Well, as it turns out, this 50-per-kill score in Domination is by design! What’s more, Michael Condrey, Sledgehammer Games boss claims “more fans” like Domination kills at 50. This was revealed by Condrey over on Twitter where he answered a YouTuber’s concern.

Condrey also adds that he has 15,000+ years of match hours in COD: WWII, and that the “majority fun vote” is Domination kills at 50 score per. 

Why is this a big deal and why are fans in outrage? Well, it’s due to how hard it is to earn even the simplest of scorestreaks in Domination. Sure, one can argue that it promotes more gunplay and objective play, but as the saying goes, “don’t fix what ain’t broken,” right? Past COD titles have perfected the scoring system, and this change rocks the boat (in my opinion) unnecessarily.

Do you want Domination kills in COD: WWII to stay at 50 or should it go back to 100? Or maybe change it to 75 and meet halfway? Do you agree with Condrey that 50 points per kill is better?” Let us know what you think in the comments.

In other COD: WWII news, go check out a Domination spawn guide to help you understand where enemies will spawn in. We also posted a list of multiplayer changes we want to see in COD: WWII ASAP.

(Image source: VentureBeat)

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